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Karen Greenwall

WOW! Mine just came in the mail today. Thank you for the new iPhone 7!!

Tim West

Thought this was a joke at first, but my iPhone actually came in the mail this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from signing up to ALL of them, which I did lol

Amit Sharma

Damn, I lost in my first try itself :(

Naiomi Marie

fuck you guys, I'm jealous of everyone who won this thing.

Krissy Brooke

@Naiomi, I know! One of my friend won the prize. He's so excited about it.

Lexi Benz

What an amazing opportunity for an iphone 7, holy shit

Tobias Rafton

I actually saw this sweepstakes one other time and I ignored it cause I thought it was bullshit. I saw this ad again and decided to try it since I was bored... I actually got my iphone. CRAZY!

Li Chan Hun

This is amazing! i never win anything before but today I am a lucky!! thank you!